Blueprint Car Crash


Hailing from San Dimas, CA, Blueprint Car Crash have created their own niche in the music world. Sounding something like At the Drive-In meets Pink Floyd, the band offers no apologies on their debut recording. Making the music they want to make, and putting out just what they feel, their live shows are explosive and come highly recommended. You?re not likely to see many bands with this much energy, inventiveness and just plain craze! Being big fans of Led Zeppelin and The Doors the band inject a flare for odd time signatures and style to round out their sound.

A recent addition to The Militia Group stable, BCC are quite far removed from many of the label’s other bands. Blueprint Car Crash are a four piece who play technical post-hardcore that doesn’t fit into any one style. The band shift and switch from the quiet to the loud, from the screech to the scream, and from the melodic to the plain noisy in a swift flick of a distortion pedal. “Rhetoric of a Marionette” is an interesting record that tries to be different, and it’s arguably the lyrical themes that make this record stand out. At 27-minutes for just six tracks, this record is quite weighty. “Rhetoric of a Marionette” is musically a very interesting piece of work. Deep down BCC would appear a band with issues, and the uneasy lines of torture and sexual gratification are sure to court some negative publicity. -Paul from in the UK.