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Deliverance. Deliver us from evil. Deliver us from this economy. Deliver us from war, poverty, depression, anxiety, sin, and all the other hate that drives the world to destruction. Deliverance is not an album, its a process of illumination of the mind. Spread the music, Deliver your friends by passing this music on to your friends, your families, everyone you believe will be uplifted by something that gives them peace for just a moment. This album can do that for you. Quietdrive can do that for you.

Because we all know music is the lifeblood that gets us through the day. It has personally helped us get through our lives, and so we feel it is our duty to help others with the music we create. We feel it is our duty to pass it on. So all we ask of our fans, is to pass this on to the people you know who it would make a difference to. Why should someone tell you when or where you can listen to the lifeblood that gets you through the day? We won’t. So please, download this record and come see a show. And bring a friend to help them get through the day.